23+ [NEW] Quotes on Selfish World

Quotes on Selfish World -  are you looking for Selfish World quotes, selfish quotes images just go through our post.

Quotes on Selfish World
Quotes on Selfish World

In this, we have given new quotes on selfish world.

Selfish world quotes are the quotes that used to describe the selfish people in the selfish world.

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Selfish World Quotes with Images

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selfish world quotes
Quotes on Selfish World

selfish world quotes
Quotes on Selfish World

selfish world quotes
Quotes on Selfish World

selfish world quotes
Quotes on Selfish World

selfish world quotes
Quotes on Selfish World

Quotes on Selfish World
Quotes on Selfish World

Quotes on Selfish World
Quotes on Selfish World

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Quotes on Selfish World

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Selfish World Quotes 

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Q1. Why are people so selfish quotes?

In today's world, people have become selfish. Just start thinking about themselves. 

If there is no benefit of itself then there is not even going there.

But by becoming selfish, they are harming themselves. When they need someone, it will be too late.

Q2. What can selfishness lead to?
Because of selfishness, you get away from people. People try to avoid you.

Q3. What is selfish person like?
The selfish person lives for what he means, he thinks of himself first. He sees his advantage in everything.

Q4. Is being selfish good?
It is good to be selfish or not. Nowadays, sometimes you have to become selfish.
But if you are a selfish then people do not like you.

Q5. What is being selfish?
Being selfish means just thinking about yourself, finding your profit in everything.

Q6. Is selfishness genetic?
No, I do not believe so. Being selfish you learn from people around you.

Final Words

Why are people so Selfish quotes
Don't be a selfish in world time always changes Life is unpredictable the one who is an orphan today, maybe adopted tomorrow, the one who is happy today, maybe unhappy tomorrow.

Whom do you try to throw attitude on?
Someone you think is ordinary, maybe extraordinary tomorrow. 

He may reach a higher position than you tomorrow.

We need to understand this. Just read our world is Selfish quotes.

A man should have this understanding and he shall always have a stable life, all the things that a man is proud of, they are in reality not worth being proud of, since its all because of karmas and deeds.

You are proud of your money, wealth, influence, status, beauty, knowledge, etc

whereas none of these are worth being proud of.
It takes just a moment to change everything. Life is uncertain, nobody knows how and when it can change.

Life is like a water bubble, which is a bubble only till there is air underwater, the moment the air is released, the bubble will burst.

Do you know when your bubble will burst?
hence don't fly in the air, you never know when you will fall on the ground.

So these were final words of our article world is Selfish quotes.



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